Day care



Many variations in Daycare

Due to the variety of the clients there are many different sorts of day care for people with a cognitive disability: taking care of animals in a special farm, nursery for plants, tinkering and crafting ...   
For each group or individual client MyWepp can offer a tailormade solution.



Which functionalities:

Frequently used functionalities: 
- Overview of the tasks,
- Share the tasks together with the clients,
- How to's,
- Report a task Ready,
- the location of an activity,
- who is the supervisor.


How to?

For every appointment of task a How to van be selected (or created on the fly)
A How to offers a step by step instruction.

With images, video's, whatever works for a client. 

There are several formats/options:
- just show the list of steps,
- every step should be ticked when ready,
- only after ticking a step the next step becomes visible. 

How to's are available on tablets, smartphones and soon on wallscreens as well.

How to's can be tailor made for each client.



Many different solutions...

In the meeting area a wallscreen can show the planning, the division of the tasks, alle kind of information: news, the weather forecast, Youtube, games (for lunch ;-) )

The same information can be made availableon several locations with a Personal app on the smartphone or tablet of the client. Or clients can wear a Guide pictowatch with the agenda, reminders and remote assistance. Outside GPS can help to determine locations ......




The management of wallscreens, apps on smartphones/tablets and the Mywepp Guide pictowatch: with the Personal app!

These pictures show: 'manage agenda/reminders', 'Media library' , 'select or create How to's'.

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